Pin Spot – A focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, such as a centerpiece, a sweetheart table, or a wedding cake. This is used as a highlighting effect.

UP-Lighting – There are a few different types of light fixtures that can create a “wash,” which is basically a blanket of colored light covering an entire area.

Gobos – Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, names, bride’s and groom’s initials, or any other wedding motifs. The complexity of the design will affect the gobo’s cost — a simple stencil can be stamped out of steel, while a more intricate design must be laser etched out of stainless steel or a glass that can withstand high heat (costing much more than a stamped stencil). Now since technology has changed we are able to digital gobos; that come from a projector. Ask about our animated gobos!

LED – Short for light-emitting diodes, LED lights are very popular for weddings because they use much less electricity (and don’t get as hot) as regular, incandescent light bulbs. This means they can sometimes be wireless, so they’re even that much more discreet. LEDs are great for color changes and vibrant colors. They’re the best for accent lighting.

Source 4 – This is also called a lico light, it’s a high intensity lamp that can put patterns on walls to spot lighting a stage, this is important because if your reception has dim lighting the photographers would need some kind of spot to enhance the quality of their pictures and this can help them.








Use Color

Think outside your wedding palette when you use colored lights. If you’ve used sage throughout your wedding, shy away from green lighting — it might be too much, and green isn’t always flattering. Opt for colors that complement all skin tones, like magenta or a soft rose.

Take advantage of the effect color can have on the ambiance and atmosphere by changing the shades throughout the evening. For example, if your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can splash your room with golden tones. During dinner, consider soft lighting that will mimic flickering candlelight. As the party progresses consider changing the lighting to something more exciting, like strong oranges.  Making this transition is simple, with intelligent lighting (which can be programmed to coordinate the whole lighting setup). With the push of a button, you can change the mood of the room.

Set Up Outside

Lighting for an outdoor wedding can serve a lot of purposes. If your venue has a path or steps that people will be using throughout the night, keep it lit with luminaries or paper lanterns so that no one trips.

Also consider making a bold statement with more unconventional lighting fixtures. Some lighting pros are using dramatic Chinese lanterns. Another idea is to fill your centerpieces with clear glass marbles as well as small battery-powered lights to give a fun, interesting glow to each arrangement.

Choose the Right Lights

The layout of your reception site can determine how you’re going to use lighting techniques. If dinner and dancing are happening in the same room, use a color wash to set the dance floor apart. If your reception site has sprawling ceilings, use pin spot lighting to keep the decor focused on certain details. Consider using a source 4 light if you have a recurring motif to help tie your reception together.

That is where 5 Star Lighting Pros comes in, with all our expertise, creativity and professionalism.  Our lighting designers will help you figure out which type of lighting fits your budget. All of your vendors (whose hard work will be well displayed) and your guests (who will all look great in flattering light) will be happy with the results, and you’ll be left with a reception space that’s bound to impress.

No Limit Events is here to help you add that extra Wow factor to your special event. We specialize in providing Uplighting, Monogram / Gobo Projection, Cake Pinspotting, Dance Floor Lighting, and Video screens and projectors.

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