The Look is a package created for showmanship, a unique but simple package that highlights just enough to pull off a stunning look and feel, this package includes:

• Up-Lights

• Dance Lights

Perfect to set the tone for any occasion. Up-lights will color the area and create the ambiance and the dance lights will set the pace of your festivities.


The style is a package created for elegance, a unique but mesmorizing package that highlights and reflects exactly your sytle, setting the mood and keeping it, this package includes:

• 20+ Up-Lights

• Monogram Projection

• Spot Lighting (Stage)

• Dance Lights 

The ideal package to highlight specific details, set the mood and keep your audiences attention. The style package brings you up-lighting that colors your area, spot lighting to highlight, dance lights to keep the pace and a monogram projection to accentuate your event.


See the charm, feel the rhythm and embrace the surroundings with The Feel package. Lights and sound to set the tone of your festivities, highlighting the culture of your celebration and paired with unparalleled sound to immerse the senses of your audience into the tone of your personality, it includes:

• 25+ Up-Lights

• Monogram

• Multi-Spot Light (Focus)

• 2 Intelligent Lights

• Pin Spotting

• Pattern Washes

An impeccable lighting layout to draw attention to every detail and corner, highlighting your elements, displaying your style and pulling off the ambiance that you wanted to get across.


The envy of all eyes, this package is a custom built, singularity powerhouse of light, sound, ambiance and galore. A hand chosen location and preference based, customization of all things that scream glamour. Our very best package includes:

• 40+ Up-Lights​​

• Monograms

• Spot Lighting (Stage)

• Multiple Intelligent Lights

• 10 Pin Spots

• Laser Lights

• Multi-Pattern Wash

• Haze

• Dry Ice (Multi-Area)

• CO2 Canon

• LED Lit Dance Floor

• 4+ Intelligent Lights

Custom Package Also Available Upon Request

No Limit Events is here to help you add that extra Wow factor to your special event. We specialize in providing Uplighting, Monogram / Gobo Projection, Cake Pinspotting, Dance Floor Lighting, and Video screens and projectors.

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