"Lighting is transformative by nature. In our hands lighting can convert a lackluster area into something bright, vibrant & full of color and liveliness.Lighting is not only about illuminating a room or reflecting a desired mood but about creating the energy and pulse of an event much as music can do. This is the 5 Star’s Philosophy."


Adding uplighting is the first step you want to take to enhance the appearance and mood of your event. Not only is uplighting visually captivating, it is also a relatively inexpensive way to change the appearance of your space.

Intelligent Lighting

The pinnacle of an evening’s entertainment is the dance floor. Speeches have been made, dinner served, so let’s dance! Intelligent dance floor lighting responds to the music on a second by second and is controlled by 5 Star lighting technicians.

Gobos/Monograms/Wall Patterns

Add texture to your space by incorporating pattern projections. Pattern projections, can add another layer of sophistication to your uplit walls, dance floor or ceiling. Patterns can cover certain imperfections of the venue or make a boring space into a well-thought focal point in a room’s design.

Spotlighting/Stage Lighting

Don’t let your beautiful centerpieces, wedding cake or even your stage go unnoticed! Highlight important details of your event by pinspotting them. A pinspot is a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object and is a perfect solution to enhance specific items such as bars, centerpieces, signage, guestbooks or anything else you would like to draw attention to.

Outdoor Lighting/Bistro Lighting

Outdoor lighting is some of the most beautiful work we do at 5 Star.  Nature creates exciting lines for us to highlight and shadow. It does require quite a bit more technical expertise and intuition, because most of the time the entire event must be set up in broad daylight!

Cake Mapping

One way to be different is to do something that’s not expected and never seen before. Cake Mapping is just that. Each tier of the cake is your imagination from pictures to movies we can display anything! Get ready to wow your guests and create the cake of your dreams.

LED Dance Floor

Dance the night away with over 16 million colors. This dance floor is unbelievable and will make an impression that will last forever on your guests.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns add a celebratory effect to your event. Add LED lights to make each one its own unique color or use external lighting to highlight them for an interesting addition. Paper lanterns are a great for an indoor/outdoor event.


No Limit Events is here to help you add that extra Wow factor to your special event. We specialize in providing Uplighting, Monogram / Gobo Projection, Cake Pinspotting, Dance Floor Lighting, and Video screens and projectors.

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